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At Lake Union Movers, we specialize in long distance and nationwide moving. As a locally based moving company, we are your # 1 trusted experts serving Greater Seattle and the Puget Sound.
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White Glove Moving Services for Greater Seattle and the Eastside

Welcome to Lake Union Movers and our "Best of Seattle Moving" division. While we offer our expert services to anyone who can afford our competitive rates, where we really set ourselves apart as a professional moving company is the detailed white glove full service move we can provide clients with that kind of need. Across Seattle, Bellevue, and the Puget Sound the expensive designs of so many homes and the equally expensive furnishings that adorn these homes require an expert level of care.
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Inexperienced Movers Can be A Recipe for Disaster

Sending an inexperienced and less skilled moving company into a home like this has often been a recipe for disaster. The walls, hardwood floors, marble floors, wood rails, and carpeting all face risk of damage unless the proper steps, cares, and methods are employed.

The act of fully wrapping furniture and using shrinkwrap, tape, and other items are alien to most small moving companies who often struggle to employee skilled and careful workers, often ending up with kids just out of highshool or hired that day from Craigslist.

When they finally have the truck loaded, just how well was a it loaded? If not loaded professionally and with precision, furnishings and boxes can spill over as the truck brakes and takes corners. The farther you are moving, the worse it's going to be for your items in the back of that truck. Ouch.

Our Training and Our Methods Are Top Notch - Designed for Expensive High-End Homes

You won't see that here at Lake Union Movers and our "Best of Seattle Moving" team. From the first phone call, to the free on-site estimate, to the beginning and completion of your move, our goal is to provide you with 5-star service and win yet another 5-star review from a truly satisfied customer.

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To get started, click on Seattle Moving Quote. After you're requested a quote you'll have a chance to greatly speed up the process of determining the cost of your move if you next use our Cost Calculator. This will submit a detailed inventory and we can then approximate the exact size of your move which determines how many trucks and how many of our pro movers will be needed for your move.

Have Questions about a Move? We Are Here to Help

If you just have questions about a move in the months ahead and not ready to schedule, we still want to talk to you. We can advise you on things that can save you money on moving day and more. Just request a free quote at the link above and we call you shortly! Thanks for visiting Lake Union Movers and
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What Our White Glove Services Include

Protection for Entry Ways
Protection for Hardwood Floors
Protection for Marble Floors
Protection for Stairs
Protection for Rails
Protection for Doors
Crating of Artwork
Crating of Wine
Crating of Trophies
Crating of Glass Collections
Furniture Disassembly and Reassembly
Grand Pianos
Heavy Gun Safes
Pool Tables
Debris Clean Up and Removal * Disclaimer: is a website that is intended to serve as a marketing platform for Seattle based Lake Union Movers LLC and to generate interstate moves. All paperwork and transport for these moves is currently being completed by Lake Union Movers LLC. This is due to our current licensing with the Department of Transportation.

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