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Our "Best of Seattle Moving" division gets an A+ when it comes to nationwide moving. The vast majority of the national van lines can end up with a D- or even an F. That's because of long delays that can take place when you work with a van line. But then the actual skill and customer service of the movers they use could be what earns a company of "F" that day if there were being graded on quality and skill.

When you're paying a lot of money for a professional move, you don't want to get served with a platter of garbage service and then an inflated price at the end of the move. Unfortunately a lot of people have had those experiences working with van lines.

The Van Lines Can't Compete -- We Beat them on Speed, Quality, and Customer Service

Our specialized and highly personalized long distance moving puts us in another league compared to a national van line. The van lines commonly make warehouse transfers, greatly increasing the risk of damage, loss and even theft on your Seattle to Arizona move due to the fact that so many hands are handling your possessions in different warehouses and in different states.

Think of a van line as a large semi-truck. The trailer behind a semi is so large it can often fit more than one home's worth of possessions, and sometimes more when there are smaller apartments being included. To make their way across the country, these semi-truck and trailers need to use either their company's warehouse or another company's warehouse and the workers commonly unloading trailers and placing items into temporary warehouse storage are dock workers.

So, instead of highly paid and highly trained professional movers stacking your prized possessions, commonly it can be low paid dock workers. This is one reason that damage, loss, and theft plague the national moving companies and the vast number of independent owner operators that bid on loads and now transport household goods while posing as a moving company.

Trucking Companies That Pose as Moving Companies -- Warning

How this works is for example when a person who needs to find a mover goes online and clicks on an ad that advertises long distance moving services. However, instead of this being a moving company, it's a broker that sells "loads" to trucking companies. The trucking company that bids the lowest can be the company that ends up doing the move. Low bids are great for brokers because that means the broker now makes more money on this load. The trucking company with the low bid now has to find ways to cut corners and sometimes lie and cheat on added costs to the customer. It's actions like that and others that can now make this profitable.

On moving day a truck driver pulls up with a trailer and a team of 6 movers for example. Where did those movers come from? Sometimes small companies in town provide labor help and other times when the truck driver wants to make the most money he can hire guys that day right off Craigslist. None are background checked, none are vetted, and a lot of these guys might even have lengthy criminal records forcing them to seek work on Craigslist. That's who does your move that day.

Our Specialized Service is White Glove - Complete Peace of Mind Moving

With highly trained staff and highly efficient operations, we give you peace of mind.

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If you have questions about a move in the months ahead and not ready to schedule just yet, we still want to talk to you. We can advise you on things that can save you money on moving day and more. Just request a free quote at the link above we will call you shortly! Thanks for visiting Lake Union Movers and

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What Our White Glove Services Include

Protection for Entry Ways
Protection for Hardwood Floors
Protection for Marble Floors
Protection for Stairs
Protection for Rails
Protection for Doors
Crating of Artwork
Crating of Wine
Crating of Trophies
Crating of Glass Collections
Furniture Disassembly and Reassembly
Grand Pianos
Heavy Gun Safes
Pool Tables
Debris Clean Up and Removal
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