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You may be wondering, why pick Best of Seattle Moving and Lake Union Movers for your moving needs to or from Woodinville, WA?

This is an important and crucial question that many people ask. Sadly, many moving companies use fraud tactics and have no regard for ethics or professionalism when it comes to the move. We here at Best of Seattle Moving and Lake Union Movers are here to reassure you with our five-star moving service.

Woodinville is a great place to live with a lot of extravagant homes. Understandably, You'll want a five star moving company for your Woodinville move.

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We Offer Complete Peace of Mind Woodinville Moving

You have heard stories or seen on the news moving companies defrauding customers left and right. Some moving companies may hold items for ransom, steal them for personal use, or may downright steal the entire load, never to be seen again. These kinds of experiences may make people reserved about hiring movers. Best of Seattle Moving does not do any of these highly unethical practices. We treat our customers with the professionalism, dedication, and care you deserve. We are committed to cultivating an environment that is based on values, reliability, customer service, and dedication. We understand moving may be a stressful and maybe even a scary experience. Which is why Best of Seattle Moving is here to help you with your move every step of the way.

Woodinville Moving With 5-Star White Glove Service

We here at Best of Seattle Movers offer white glove moving services. A “white glove service” means items are treated with an elevated level of care and attention to detail. White glove services also offer packing and unpacking services as well. We are not a standard moving company that focuses on speed. We make sure that your belongings are treated with the utmost care for the entire move while not compromising efficiency.
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Attention to Detail on Your Woodinville Move

We strive to pay great attention to detail and care on your Woodinville move. We are trained in specific moving techniques that help protect your most fragile possessions. Our professional moving trucks are padded and we sort boxes carefully which helps absorb bumps or shocks in the road.

Additionally, we offer packing and unpacking and we also supply our own tools and moving equipment. On top of that, we do not have any hidden fees or any of our services. We will be 100% transparent with everything regarding the move. When it comes to your moving journey, Best of Seattle Moving 5-star service is incomparable and we make sure that your home and your most prized possessions are protected for the entire move.

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To get started, click on Seattle Moving Quote. After you've requested a quote you'll have a chance to quickly speed up the process of determining the cost of your move if you next use our Cost Calculator. This will submit a detailed inventory and we can then approximate the exact size of your move which determines how many trucks and how many of our pro movers will be needed for your move.

Have Questions About a Move? We're Here to Help

If you have questions about a move in the months ahead and not ready to schedule just yet, we still want to talk to you. We can advise you on things that can save you money on moving day and more. Just request a free quote at the link above we will call you shortly! Thanks for visiting Lake Union Movers and
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Considering a Move to Woodinville, Washington? Woodinville Facts

Woodinville is located in King County about 25 minutes northeast of Seattle. Woodinville has a population of about 13,000 people and spans across a little under 6 miles. Although Woodinville is a smaller area, it is best known for its growing selection of local wineries. So far to date, the town has 150 wineries in and around the area. There are also many parks, tours, shopping and dining. Given that it is in the Seattle Metropolitan area, there is always plenty to do.

When it comes to state rankings, Woodinville ranked #5 best suburb for young professionals, and sits at #11 best public schools in the state. It also scored high on having low crime rates, diversity, nightlife, and is considered an excellent option for families. Median home values for this area is about 1.2 million. With a slight majority, about 60%, of people owning their homes. It is also home to Woodinville High School, which has been ranked 4/5 stars for quality, according to

When you're ready to hire the best Woodinville movers, call Lake Union Movers and our Best of Seattle Moving division. We'll get the job done and hope to deliver the best moving experience you'll have in life period.

What Our White Glove Services Include

Protection for Entry Ways
Protection for Hardwood Floors
Protection for Marble Floors
Protection for Stairs
Protection for Rails
Protection for Doors
Crating of Artwork
Crating of Wine
Crating of Trophies
Crating of Glass Collections
Furniture Disassembly and Reassembly
Grand Pianos
Heavy Gun Safes
Pool Tables
Debris Clean Up and Removal
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